Friday, 15 November 2013

Duffins (doughnut-muffin hybrid)

Duffins (doughnut-muffins) are just one of the many hybrids to come from the cronut craze (croissant-doughnut). The best way to describe it is; a soft doughy muffin but with a jam centre and sugar coating.

For the batter: combine the dry ingredients (plain flour, sugar and baking power) together, add in the melted butter and then the wet ingredients (yogurt, eggs and vanilla essence).

Spoon a tablespoon of batter (I did a tablespoon and a half to make sure there was enough to stop the jam from leaking through the bottom) in each buttered cupcake mould. Then add a teaspoon of jam in the centre of each one.

Use the rest of the batter to fill each one up, making sure the jam is completely covered. 

They should be lightly golden when they're ready. I'd recommend taking them out and placing them on the worktop upside down as it will stop any jam leaking out (as you can see there are a few that have thin bottoms).

Once they are all out of the tin, you can begin rolling them in sugar. It's best to do this whilst they are still hot as more sugar will stick to them.

Then they're ready to eat. Perfect served warm.

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