Sunday, 5 January 2014

Mars Bar and Milky Way Cookies

Still got chocolate tins left lying around the house from Christmas? This is the perfect recipe to use them all up before starting the January diet (or not in my case). I used a BBC Food basic cookie recipe and swapped the chocolate chunks for various tin chocolates. If your household is anything like mine it will be the mars bars, bounties and milky ways.

Just like any other cookie recipe; cream the butter and sugar together, add an egg and drop of vanilla extract, then a pinch of salt and self raising flour, before finally adding in the chopped up chocolates (I just used all the chocolates I had left).

Then roll the dough into walnut sized balls, any bigger and it will be one big cookie, and be sure to leave enough room between them (I did three in a row).

As you can see they go delicious and crunchy but don't be fooled, they are still incredibly gooey inside but you've got to eat them warm!

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