Friday, 25 April 2014

Cliff Richard Biscuits

Whilst it's hard to make out the recipe below as it is caked in mess, these are Cliff Richard Biscuits. To cut a long story short, the name came after they were served at tea to Cliff Richard when he visited my grandfather's vicarage. They are soft brown sugar biscuits with a crunchy sugar coating around the edge.

As with any biscuit recipe, first cream the butter (6oz) and soft light brown sugar (4oz) together until light and fluffy. 

 Before adding in 8oz of plain flour and pinch of salt to make a firm (but sticky) dough. Then lightly flour the surface (but be careful not to over do it with the flour as once you have worked it all into the biscuits they will become tough) and lightly knead the biscuit dough before rolling it into a long sausage.

 Take a long stripe of foil (the length of mine changes every time but the recipe recommends 18 inches by 6) before sprinkling brown demerara sugar over it. 

Then take the biscuit dough and place it on top of the sugar, gently rolling it to make sure all sides are coated in sugar before wrapping it up in the foil. Then it needs to go into the fridge until firm, whilst this is a bit tedious I have tried to do it without this step and it just ended up being very messy. 

Once out of the fridge, you can begin cutting thr roll into biscuits (this isn't as easy as it sounds as you have to be careful not to squash the dough when cutting it). The biscuits should therefore be a lot rounder than mine but I think I might have squished it too much (woops!).

These are delicious when they first come out of the oven hot. And I'm sure Cliff Richard would agree, with a fresh pot of tea.


  1. Thank you for sharing the recipe for the Cliff Richard biscuits!! (I have just read about them on your mum's lovely blog!) I will save this recipe...the biscuits sound delicious and I love the story!
    Have a great week!
    Helen xxx

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog Helen. I know it is a great story isn't it, one that is being passed down the family through a biscuit recipe!

  3. I heard about this story on your mum's Just Pootling blog. It will be a lovely story to pass on through the family. All your cakes and biscuits look fantastic you're obviously a very talented lady.


  4. Hi Mitzi, yes definitely! It has already made its way down three generations. Thank you, that is very kind of you...but really I just love baking!