Friday, 14 February 2014

Terry's Chocolate Orange Hearts

This is essentially the best cheat which allows you to claim you've made your own chocolates!

It's as simple as choosing your favourite chocolate (as you can see I choose Terry's Chocolate Orange) and melting it in a bain marie (placing a bowl over a pan of hot water - make sure the water isn't touching the bottom of the bowl) before transferring the chocolate into moulds. As you can see I choose to use a set of mini heart moulds in time for Valentines.

I received the mould in a magazine which also included individual gold foil wrappers and a box. Therefore as you can see I wrapped the chocolates up by placing the chocolate in the foil (shaped like a diamond) before turning over the top corner, the bottom and then the sides.

And there you have it, you've 'made' your own chocolates!


  1. Yummy Beth! I bet that these didn't last long either!! xx

  2. Believe it or not...there are still some left!