Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Malteser Cookies

Who doesn't love cookies? Especially when they taste just like Millie's Cookies. This BBC Food recipe makes the most delicious crunchy-on-the-outside and gooey-on-the-inside cookies. Whilst the recipe includes chocolate chips, I couldn't resist adding Maltesers too, both inside and on top of the cookies!

Like most other cookie recipes, it has few ingredients. The butter (125g) and sugar (125g white and 100g light brown) need to be creamed together before adding in the egg and tsp of vanilla essence. Then sift in the self-raising flour (225g) and salt (1/2 tsp) before combining the chocolate chips (200g) and half the box of Maltesers into the cookie dough.

Then blob spoonfuls (the size depends on how many you want - as you can see I went for big!) onto the tray (preferably on grease-proof paper or a greased tin as they will stick) before crumbling the remaining Maltesers over the top of the cookies. 

Depending on how soft you want them to be, take them out after 7 (gooey) -10 (crispy around the edges) minutes. They are best eaten straight out of the oven when they are still gooey and the chocolates melted (not that you need reminding).

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