Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Berry Blondies (White Chocolate and Berry Brownies)

As mentioned in my last post, this week at the Baking Society we made Berry Blondies - which by the way are absolutely delicious, especially when served hot.

The recipe isn't that different to the normal (milk) chocolate brownie recipe but it does have a few different ingredients, including; ground almond, a selection of berries and white chocolate obviously. Those who had nut allergies changed the ground almonds for rice flour.

We used a selection of mixed berries (raspberries, blackberries and blackcurrants) in this bake but as the berries were from frozen they were quite sharp and juicy. Therefore, as the recipe suggests, I would probably use just fresh raspberries next time. 

As you can see (above) the berries are mixed into the brownie mixture but only just - you need to make sure you don't over mix the berries as they will start to turn the mixture pink as you squash all the juice out of them. So try to keep the berries as whole as possible by folding the mixture.

Once the blondies are cooked they should be nice and crisp on the top with a soft centre of gooey white chocolate chunks and berries.

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