Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloweeny Chocolate Fudge Muffins

It was quite hard trying to find something Halloweeny to bake this week as most recipes looked so gross there were very few that I actually wanted to bake (let alone eat). So instead I choose to bake something that actually looks as good as it tastes!

The BBC Good Food's Spiderweb Muffins seemed a good compromise. The muffin recipes, which requires soured cream, is different to any I've made before. As you can see it makes a very airy mixture - you have to be careful not to over mix once you've added the melted chocolate. 

The muffins are very quick to make but its the decorating that's the fun bit as it involved lots of chocolate. You simply need to melt the two bars of chocolate - I did this in two separate mugs in the microwave (but it only needs short blasts - don't forget how quickly it burns in the microwave).

You can choose to alternate both (half with white chocolate webs and the other with dark chocolate webs) but I kept it simple by spreading the dark chocolate onto the muffins and using the white chocolate to make the circles/webs.


The webs are a lot easier to do than you'd think, draw 3 or 4 circles of (white) chocolate on top of the (dark) chocolate covered muffin and drag the tip of a sharp knife from the top circle down to the bottom circle and continue this process around the muffin.

I thought I'd include a 'how not to' decorate the you can see the one on the left (above) looks much more like a flower than a spiderweb, this is because I drew the knife inwards instead of outwards (one on the right).

And that's how to make a yummy looking Halloween muffin less scary and more delicious.